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Ludwig Goransson - Creed II (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(2018)
Ludwig Goransson - Creed II (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(2018)
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Year: 2018

Format: Mp3

Quality: 320 kbps

Description: Studio Album!


1.  Drago

2.  Wheeler Fight

3.  Yo? Is That a Yes?

4.  The Public Challenge

5.  Time Tick

6.  You Think I'm Going to Lose

7.  Balanced Breakfast

8.  Ice Cold

9.  Under Water

10.  Adonis and Amara

11.  You Might Find Me

12.  Runnin

13.  Drago's Walk Out

14.  I Will Go to War

15.  Fight in Moscow

16.  It's Your Time

17.  Family Visit

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icon 4. The Public Challenge.mp39.5 MB
icon 1. Drago.mp38.4 MB
icon 17. Family Visit.mp38.1 MB
icon 6. You Think I'm Going to Lose.mp37 MB
icon 5. Time Tick.mp37 MB
icon 2. Wheeler Fight.mp36 MB
icon 11. You Might Find Me.mp35.8 MB
icon 8. Ice Cold.mp35.2 MB
icon 9. Under Water.mp34.8 MB
icon 13. Drago's Walk Out.mp34.7 MB
icon 14. I Will Go to War.mp33.9 MB
icon 7. Balanced Breakfast.mp33.7 MB
icon 3. Yo_ Is That a Yes_.mp33.5 MB
icon 10. Adonis and Amara.mp33.2 MB
icon folder.jpg197.2 KB
icon 15. Fight in Moscow.mp314.5 MB
icon 16. It's Your Time.mp312.7 MB
icon 12. Runnin.mp311.8 MB